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Angel Halo 

Stainless Steel LED Pendant Light

Luxury in a Light. A unibody light crafted from rolled stainless steel, available in either a polished mirror or brushed finish, in 30+ different colours and tones.

Various other styles, finishes and materials are available, with the ability to bespoke to your requirements

  • Finishes include Rose Gold (as shown), Gold, Copper, Black, White, Chrome, Silver, Satin, Nickel etc.

  • Integral Power Management  Cabling
    (no need for unsightly power cables)

  • Dual output, direct & indirect lighting

  • Switched and Dali Dimmable

  • Various size options 400mm to 3600mm

  • Colour temperature CCT ranges from
    3000K Warm White to Cool Daylight 6500K 

Bloom Angel Halo
Halo - Rose Gold LC-011-EC018-IPO - close up
Halo - Sand White LC-011-ECO-017-IPO hotel lobby
Halo Dec'17 Type 11 Black Single
Halo Dec'17 Type 11 Silver Double
Halo Dec'17 Type 11 Black Triple
Halo Dec;17 Type 11 Silver Triple
Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 22.08.04
Halo Dec'17 Type_ Black Quintet
Halo Dec'17 Type_ Black Triple Entwined
Halo Dec'17 Type_ Gold Quintet Entwined
Halo Dec'17 Type 11 Black Double Vertical
Halo Edge June'17 Type 7 Black
Halo Edge June'17 Type 7 Square Black
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